Q. How does Lawtracker help with OHSAS18001 and ISO45001?

A. Understanding your legal obligations and keeping up to date with changes in the law are central features of these standards. Lawtracker gives you great value access to the key legislation and associated guidance and a monthly update to tell you about new law, new court cases and a compliance toolkit which builds month by month.

Q. What if I need some additional guidance?

A. Simply email info@lawtracker.com with your query and we will do our best to answer it or steer you towards someone who can.

Q. What if I don’t have OHSAS 1801 or ISO45001 – can Lawtracker help my business comply with health and safety law?

A. Yes. With Lawtracker in your corner, you can look at the relevant health and safety law for your sector which we have scored for enforcement risk, helping you to focus on what’s important. Our monthly update and compliance toolkit means that you keep ahead of the game and put yourself in the strongest position possible should an accident or incident occur.

Q. How does health and safety compliance help my business?

A. Effective health and safety management can help reduce absenteeism, build a positive culture, limit insurance claims and help reduce premiums; it also acts as a showcase for competence at managing risk which can help with access to business funding. Being able to demonstrate a strong system for managing health and safety risk is essential in competitive tender situations too.